Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Featured Partner: Enpee Group

Recently, with the assistance of TCF and in collaboration with the Ogun State Government, the Enpee Group organised, financed & screened Ogun indigenes for curable eye ailments. The Group sponsored the entire Eye camp expenses including outreach, sensitization, indentifying the beneficiaries, inspection, transportation to eye hospital, providing reading glasses, cost of surgeries and boarding and lodging at TCF managed Calabar Eye Hospital for the patients requiring cataract or corrective surgery. The entire project took 8 months to plan and execute in various stages including post-operative check-ups.  

"We thank TCF for their extensive experience and professionalism in which they supported Enpee group to execute the Eye Camp at Ogun State in 2012. The partnership with TCF enabled Enpee Group to successfully reach out to over 4,000 Ogun State Indigenes” Says Mr. Vinod D Ganglani, Group Managing Director of Enpee Group.

The Enpee group is into several manufacturing ventures including production of:

  • polyester fibre
  • spinning of yarn
  • textiles
  • plastics
  • metal packaging
  • flexible packaging
  • soaps & cosmetics
  • cement
  • glues & adhesives
  • cables & wires
  • construction chemicals
  • printing inks
  • cylinder engraving

The Enpee Group has also set up manufacturing units in Asia (India & UAE) for flexible packaging, cylinder engraving & film surface treatments and is actively exporting printed laminated packaging to various destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe & USA.

In Nigeria, the Enpee Group comprises of 5 manufacturing companies, of which 3 are located in Ogun State.

These companies are:
  • Avon Crowncaps & Containers Plc, based at Otta and which is today the largest metal packaging company in West Africa and a publicly traded company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Under Avon is its subsidiary Finechemicals Nigeria Limited, which manufactures inks, cylinders & polypropylene film.

  • Purechem Manufacturing Limited, also located in Otta, is currently the only manufacturer of construction chemicals in Nigeria & the West African region.  Their product portfolio also includes an entire range of consumer & industrial glues & adhesives as well as aluminium/copper cables & wires.

  • Purechem Industries Limited, which is located in Onigbedu village and the only mini-cement plant in Nigeria. Recently, this company has also started the manufacture of fibre cement roofing sheets & flat sheets using their own cement.

  • Positive Packing Nigeria Limited, is in Lagos and produces printed flexible packaging.

  • Saponaria Industries Limited, also based in Lagos, and manufacturing toilet soaps, laundry bars, household cleaning detergents and beauty care products.

Moreover, the Group has been involved with various social projects including rehabilitating schools, drilling boreholes with water storage & distribution systems, providing artificial limbs and arranging staff & village eye camps.

TCF has been fortunate to be a long term partner of the Enpee Group and wishes the Group all the very best.

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