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Kewalram Chanrai Group

The group is driven by the following key values:
  •        A commitment to be fair to all our stakeholders.
  •         Conducting business with honesty and integrity.
  •         Maintaining quality in products and services for customer satisfaction
  •         Improving the quality of life of communities we serve
  •         Providing our employees with a stimulating work environment

The responsible corporate citizen:

With its long and intimate association with communities everywhere, the Kewalram Chanrai group has remained alive to its responsibilities towards the people. The group has helped set up schools, provided drinking water, established medical facilities and offered relief in the face of calamities like floods and drought.

Women and children accessing health facility supported 
by Kewalram Chanrai Group at Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

In Nigeria, for instance, it is an active player in primary healthcare programme-having set up a chain of community health centres to make medical help accessible to the people at large. These facilities are managed by a committed and professional team of Tulsi Chanrai Foundation….In fact, Tulsi Chanrai Foundation has made it possible to extend the healthcare facilities to the common man in the remote villages of Nigeria

At another level, the group has generated large scale employment and entrepreneurial opportunities through its extension farming activities

The group is a member of the Rollback Malaria Programme and as a part of this critical life saving initiative, it has been distributing large qualities of special ‘Insecticide Treated Nets’ among the rural populace. The nets are universally acknowledged to be effective deterrents against Malaria spreading mosquitoes.

Katsina State Hon. Commissioner and Permanent Secretary of Health visits India

Katsina State Hon. Commissioner and Permanent Secretary of Health
along with Dr. R. Pulgaonkar, CEO, and team of Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, India

TCF in its endeavor to build capacity of Nigerian health system facilitated a visit of Katsina State Hon. Commissioner and Permanent Secretary of Health to India. The objective of the visit to India was to have discussions with Indian doctors on how health facilities in the State of Katsina could be enhanced. 

Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai India facilitated the discussions between India‘s renowned medical practitioners and the Hon. Commissioner and Permanent Secretary of Health of Katsina State. There were detailed discussions on setting up of sub-specialties like refraction centre, pediatric ophthalmology and medical retina in Katsina.  

Hon. Commissioner and Permanent Secretary after their visit are keen on expanding the eye care services in Katsina. They are also interested in sending their ophthalmologists for training in India. 

During their visit they also witnessed the Eye surgeries of disadvantaged Indian performed free of charge at Tulsi Eye hospital managed TCF‘s sister organisation Mission for Vision in India. 

Park and Shop supports TCF outreach activities

Cars provided by Park and Shop

Park and Shop and its mother company Artree Group is one of the strongest supporters of TCF in its endeavour to build a healthy Nigeria. 

They have been graciously supporting the project activities of TCF over the years in several ways. 

To enable TCF staff to commute for project related activities in 2013 they provided 2 sedan cars.

TCF is grateful to Park & Shop and Artree Group for their support and value their partnership and participation in building a healthy Nigeria.  

Taraba Monitoring Visit Report, May 2013

TCF in partnership with TY Danjuma Foundation initiated hand pumps rehabilitation program in July 2009 in Taraba State. Under the partnership in a phased manner TCF was entrusted with the responsibility of rehabilitation of hand pumps. 

During 1st and 2nd phase 135 hand pumps were rehabilitated in the local government area of Lau, Bali and Takum Ardokola, Gassol, Wukari and Gashaka. In May 2013 during the inspection and review meeting at Taraba State with project staff it was found that 87 percent of the hand pumps have been functional. The average functionality rate of hand pumps in Nigeria is 60 per cent.

                            Hand pump at Gassol - Malam Abba - Anguwan Hausa
During monitoring visit; this hand pump (in the above picture) was found to be non-functional. While discussing the issue with the community it was brought to the notice that they have already contacted the mechanic at Mutun-Biu. The mechanic has dismantled the hand pump (parts can be seen on the ground) and went to purchase the parts. This hand pump got repaired on the 2nd day after it’s break-down. This shows that communities have taken up ownership of rehabilitated hand pumps.

Community utilizing functional hand pump at Jalingo - Jarabubur - behind Catholic Church
It was also found out that community is actively involved in ensuring the functionality of the hand pumps.

In partnership with TY Danjuma Foundation presently the phase 3 is on in Taraba State. During the 3rd phase 100 hand pumps will be rehabilitated.     

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Internationally renowned Indian Cardiac surgeon visits Nigeria

Dr. F. A. O Bello, Director Medical Services, Dr. Ashwin B. Mehta,
Deputy Governor Dr. Suleiman Barau and Dr. R. Pulgaonkar, CEO, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, India (from left to right)

Dr. Ashwin B. Mehta, Director of Cardiology, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai, a pioneer in the field of cardiac catheterization and angiography in new born babies, first one to start angiography in few hours to few days old babies in India and first one to start Bundle Electrography in India visited Abuja and Lagos, along with Dr. R. Pulgaonkar, Chief Executive Officer of Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, India between 21st to 27th April 2013.

The objective of their visit was to meet the medical fraternity in Nigeria to understand the need of Tertiary care and how the capacity of local doctors could be enhanced to provide effective Tertiary Medical Treatment in Nigeria.

Dr. Hasan along with the team at Hasan Clinic, Abuja

Meeting with Prof Michael Fadeyomi, a renowned Cardiologist in Nigeria

Several meetings for Dr. R. Pulgaonkar and Dr. Ashwin B. Mehta were facilitated by Tulsi Chanrai Foundation.  

Team with Dr. Alfa Jacob, Abuja Teaching Hospital

Dr. Lawson with his colleagues with Jaslok Team 
at Zankali Medical Centre, Abuja
The medical fraternity in Nigeria welcomed the visit and was happy to meet Dr. R. Pulgaonkar and Dr. Ashwin B. Mehta.  The medical fraternity agreed to continue the dialogue to provide better medical services to the people in Nigeria.

To find out more about the visit and Jaslok Hospital contact Mr. Kuldeep Manhas:
Phone No.: 00234-08143910682 / 08187908052 / 07027964479

Transforming Women and Child health care program in Cross River State

Cross River State Community Health Department Primary Health Care Program managed by Tulsi Chanrai Foundation

To sustain and be effective in delivering Primary Health Care services to the people in Cross River State, especially among rural dwellers and hard-to-reach communities, Cross River State (CRS) initiated a partnership with Tulsi Chanrai Foundation (TCF) in 2009 to improve the status of Primary Health Care program in the State.

The baseline survey conducted in 2010 indicated that the Infant Mortality Rate was 75/1000. Under 5 years – Mortality was 157/1000, Maternal Mortality rate was 545/1000, Ante-natal Coverage was only 55 per cent, Skill birth attendance by health workers was 39 per cent and only 74% of one year old children were fully immunized.

Goals of partnership with Tulsi Chanrai Foundation and Cross River State are to achieve the following:

a.       Infant Mortality Rate -  30 / 1000 Live Births
b.      Under-5 Mortality Rate – 75 / 1000 Live Births
c.       Maternal Mortality Rate – 250 / 100000 Live Births
d.      Antenatal Coverage – One visit: 95%; Four visits: 85%
e.       Skilled birth attendance by health workers – 85%
f.       One year child fully immunized – 90%

Targeted population and reach:

The beneficiaries of the program are population dwelling in the remote areas of CRS. The CRS is divided into 18 Local Government Areas (LGAs). The program will cover all 18 LGAs in a phased manner. 2 LGAs covered in 2010, 6 LGAs in 2011, another 6 LGAs were covered in 2012 and 4 LGAs in the final phase will be covered in 2013.

The scope of work in CRS includes:
  1. Establishment of health facilities for every 300-500 families with community   participation.
  2. Training of health workers in basic midwifery skills.
  3. Establishment of a viable health management information system. 
  4. Provision of drugs with a functional Drug Revolving Fund mechanism. 
  5. Monitoring, supervision of the health facilities
  6. Ensuring community participation to create ownership at the grassroots.

Work in progress:
  • TCF so far has covered 14 LGAs namely Abi, Akpabuyo, Bekwarra, Biase, Ikom, Obubra, Obudu, Odukpani, Obanliku, Yala, Boki, Etung, Yakurr, Bakassi.
  • For supporting the implementation of the program and for monitoring and supervision TCF has appointed two Program Managers for South and North Senatorial Districts of the state in addition to Director-Primary Health Care and General Manager-Administration.
  • In 14 LGAs, a total of 621 Health Facilities are operational and managed by TCF, benefiting 1027 communities with a population 2,460,820.
  • Essential equipment and instruments have been supplied to all health facilities after taking existing inventory.
  • A fresh baseline survey in 14 LGAs has been initiated to take stock of the health situation of the population.
  • Under the project, 8 ambulances and 9 pickup vehicles have been made available by the Government to enable doctors to reach out to remote areas and to quickly transport serious patients to primary health centres or to the general hospital in Calabar.   

Community Health Worker on her Motorcycle 
  • Health workers have also been provided 102 motorcycles for their outreach programs.
  • Identified 94 Health facilities with erratic power supply are provided with    Generators.
Health Workers with a Generator
  • In 14 LGAs, 13 local doctors have been appointed; one vacancy will be shortly filled.
  • Drugs Stores with essential medicines have been refurbished in 8 LGAs. Seed drugs are supplied to 8 LGAs.
  • Health Staff appointed by Local Government Service Commission :
        -   Community Health Extension Workers- 618
        -   Nurse Midwives – 167; Laboratory Technicians - 98
        -   Pharmacy Technicians-98
        -   Drivers -28 

CHEWs trained in Midwifery skills and Basic Eye Care 
  •      980 CHEWs have been trained in Basic Midwifery Skills and Basic Eye Care.

Refurbished Drug Stores with drugs supplied by DRF Committee

  • Central Drug Revolving Fund (DRF) Committees & LGA DRF Committees have been constituted to monitor the supply and consumption of essential drugs in health facilities.
  • Task forces consisting of TCF representatives, LGAs representatives and Government officials have been constituted in 8 LGAs to monitor the effective functioning of health facilities. Joint review meetings are being conducted at regular intervals with community leaders to assess the impact on the ground.
  • Monthly performance reports are collated from the health facilities, which are being reviewed by Task Forces, Community Leaders and TCF representatives and feedback is sent back to the health facilities. 

Impact: January 2013 – March 2013
While TCF has reached out to 14 LGAs till date, Health facilities in 8 LGAs (Abi, Akpabuyo, Bekwarra, Biase, Ikom, Obubra, Obudu & Odukpani) are fully operational. Health reporting is fully functional in these 8 LGAs from Jan 2013.

  •      28,679 people have been provided primary healthcare service by trained community health workers and doctors. 
  •      Community health workers have registered 5953 pregnant women (12 weeks above) and ante-natal care has been provided. 
  •        A total of 3304 deliveries have been registered out of which 3123 have been performed by health workers.
  •      2,789 infants weight was recorded at the time of the birth out of which 1,527 infants were between 2.5 – 3.0 KGs and 1,104 infants were above 3 KGs only 158 infants were below 2.5 KGs.
  •     A total of 14,206 infants have been registered in health facilities out of which 6133 infants are fully immunized against BCG, DPT, Measles, Hepatitis, Yellow Fever and 7,421 have been partially immunized, their immunization will be completed in due course of time.
  •       34,349 children under 5 years of age have been weighed at the health facilities, out of which 341 children were identified as malnourished. 303 children were put on supplementary feeding out of which 196 have been graduated to normal weight.
  •              Pregnant women and under-5 children are given drugs free of cost by the Government under the free health scheme called Project HOPE and this program is coordinated by Tulsi Chanrai Foundation.
  •               No. of pregnant women and children under 5 treated for some serious diseases:

Under – 5 Children
Pregnant Women



Severe Anaemia


HIV Positive

Tulsi Chanrai Foundation is grateful to Cross River State and Four Acre Trust for their continued support to Primary Health Program at Cross River State.

To find out more about the project and Tulsi Chanrai Foundation write to 

Icelandic Dry Fish Producers Gift to Nigeria

Mr. Hilmer Danielsson, founder of Norfish 
at the Eye outreach program 

Far East Mercantile Company Ltd., the distribution partner of the Ice landic dry fish producers in Nigeria, then sells the products at the best market rates in Nigeria. The total funds generated by selling a container of dried fish from Iceland is handed over to Tulsi Chanrai Foundation to undertake free Cataract Eye Surgeries in Calabar Eye Centre, Cross River State, Nigeria.     

Interaction with the beneficiary at the Calabar Eye Centre

The dry fish producers from Iceland visit the Eye centre in Calabar often, meet the beneficiaries and follow up on the surgeries. “We have witnessed people go from completely blind to good sight in two days. This warms our hearts and makes it easier to go back every year and ask for donations of one more container of goods for this good cause“ says Katrín Sigurjónsdóttir, Managing Director, Salka - Norfish Limited.

Meeting with His Excellency Senator Liyel Imoke, Governor of Cross River State, Nigeria

The beneficiaries, Government of Cross River State and Tulsi Chanrai Foundation are grateful for the collaborative efforts of friends in Iceland for their support in bringing back vision into the lives of thousands of deserving people in Cross River State, Nigeria.

To find out more about the project and Tulsi Chanrai Foundation please write to

Tulsi Chanrai Foundation